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Nokota® is a registered trademark of the Nokota Horse Conservancy® 


Nokota Horses Hap has successfully completed the yearling phase of the Ed Dabney Gentle Horsemanship training program. This comprehensive program includes performing all of the Six Keys to Harmony essential ground exercises, which establish leadership, trust, and communication, and develop cues for independent control of each of the horse’s body parts moving forward, backward, left and right. The Dabney program also covers catching, leading, respectful ground manners, despooking, hosing, fly spray, trailer loading, standing tied, picking up feet,saddling, long line driving, negotiating a 17 station obstacle course, and ponying out on the trail and across the creek.


Nokota Horses Stormy is a four year-old dun filly, with dorsal and ventral stripes, tri-color mane and tail, and leg striping. 100% Foundation Nokota ®. Dam and sire on premises. Halter trained with basic ground work in natural horsemanship.

Law Practice Statement

A law practice carefully limited to ensure that each client receives personal representation and the attention to detail and circumstance critical to a successful outcome. 

Georgia Equine Law Attorney

O. Elizabeth Bell, LLC provides a comprehensive practice in Georgia equine law. Active in Nokota® horse preservation, Elizabeth founded Painted Moon Farm in 2006 to assist in the effort to save these beautiful horses, a part of our American History.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

O. Elizabeth Bell is licensed by the State of Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution as an Arbitrator and General Civil Mediator.